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PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services

PPC advertising is one of the fastest ways to bring highly targeted traffic to your site. But the problem faced by most businesses, from small companies to big enterprises, is that without a good management of the PPC campaigns, you could end up spending a lot of money on keywords that don’t convert. That’s why the PPC management services we offer to our clients are entirely focused on getting the highest ROI for the money invested in the PPC campaigns.

Many online advertising companies offer simplistic PPC services, where they search for new keywords to add to your campaign, raise the bid so you’ll rank 1st for each term and then, once a month do a small analysis of your campaign and report the results back to you. But that’s not how a successful PPC campaign is built. That's why our service is a little more complex and it offers better results. Below you can find a brief description of our 9-step process.

Our 9-step approach to PPC Campaigns


Define the campaign's goals

Unlike other online advertising companies which offer shallow PPC services, we treat every customer like a long term partner. First, we learn a bit about your business, so we can decide together and outline which are the most important goals of your business or what actions you expect the visitors to take when they land on your site. Without having this clearly defined before we begin, we cannot evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.


Initial benchmark reports (this applies only to existing PPC campaigns)

In case you want us to manage your existing Pay Per Click campaign, before we begin the optimization process, we will conduct an initial audit to have some benchmark reports to which we can relate and also use your existing campaign info to see what’s working, what’s not and what can be improved. If you already have an existing campaign running, it will be easier for us to understand, test and implement new ideas based on your historical data.


Advanced keyword research and competitive analysis

This is the most important part of any successful PPC campaign because if you target the wrong keywords or leave out the important ones, you’ll end up losing money and potential customers. That’s why, in our advanced keyword research process we use PPC competitive intelligence tools to “spy” on your competitors in order to get some actionable insights from their campaigns also. Then, based on the data we gather until that point, we perform an extensive keyword research which will help us build a list of initial keywords to target and also understand what keywords to exclude from your campaign, to make sure your budget isn’t spent on low quality traffic.


Ad text creation

Now we proceed to the creative part of the PPC management process, where we create the ads for the keywords we identified in the previous step. There is a limited number of characters allowed for your ad’s title and description and this is what makes the ad creation part interesting: in just a few words, you need to get the user’s attention and stimulate their interest so they will click your ad. Usually, for each group of keywords we create multiple ads so we can test which one gets a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and the lowest CPC (Cost Per Click). Sometimes, minor tweaks in the ad’s text can result in big CTR improvement.


Landing page optimization

Spending a ton of money on PPC ads won’t help you unless you make sure the pages which visitors land on are optimized for higher conversions. Here we will offer you some advice on how to improve them, but if you want to make sure you have fully optimized landing pages, in order to get the highest conversions possible, we recommend you to check out our Conversion Rate Optimization service.


Conversion tracking setup

In order to track the results and the effectiveness of the campaign, you will need to have the conversion tracking installed on your landing pages. If you’re not sure how to do this, we will help you define and setup the conversions on your pages and we will also assist you with the integration of Google Analytics and AdWords account in order to have access to detailed reports regarding your campaign’s performance.


Start the PPC campaign

After we complete all the previous steps, we make the final changes for your campaign, like setting the daily budget, average bid, targeted countries, device types and more. Then we start the campaign so your ads will begin to show up to the visitors searching for the keywords we identified in Step 3.


Weekly and monthly reporting and analysis

Unlike other companies that do only monthly checks for the PPC campaigns, when we begin a campaign we also do a weekly analysis, simply because in some cases, where there is a lot of traffic for the selected keywords, after only a week you can filter out the low performing keywords and focus more on the best performing ones. By doing this we can reduce right from the start the budget spent on keywords that don’t convert and work more on the ones that actually bring you customers.

Also, every month we create a complete campaign analysis and report back to you about the performances for the selected metrics. We will also let you know the major changes that we are going to be implemented in your campaign, because we believe in full transparency between us and the client. Also, you will have full access to the advertising account at all times, so you can check the statistics for yourself whenever you want.


Campaign optimization

Based on the reports and insights we get from the previous step, we optimize the campaign by keeping the ads which converted better and remove the poor-performing ones, we update the list of keywords and adjust the bid accordingly. We also continually test new ads, with stronger call-to-actions and better ad copy.

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