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Blog Team buildings  @ IOmundo
Here, at IOmundo, we usually combine team building with team recreation because we consider it’s very important to keep a casual environment. This way, people are more relaxed, relationships become stronger in the team and that leads to higher productivity. So the places and the activities we choose are rather entertaining, but also constructive and challenging.
Date June 27 2013 | comments 0 comments
Blog How to Insert Images into Database Using MSSQL Server
A fairly common problem is inserting images direcly into a SQL Server database without a front-end application. I'm going to explain how this can be done for a specific file or for a collection of files. Most of you are going to say that this thing is not possible... How to get an image directly in the database? Well this thing already exists and is used only by experienced DBA (database administrator). 
Date June 26 2013 | comments 0 comments
Blog How to Upload Images with NO visible-postback using C#, JavaScript and ASP.NET 2.0
Ever since Microsoft ASP.NET was introduced with version 1.0, we had the ability to upload files to the hosting server. On the internet there are a lot of articles that show you how to effectively use the new FileUpload server control offered through ASP.NET 2.0. However, none of those articles explains how to accomplish the uploading of files with no post back of the page. We will not explain in this article what a postback is or when does it happens.
Date June 26 2013 | comments 0 comments
Blog Blog commenting - linkbuilding strategy after latest Google updates
A lot of people noticed and sensed the power of the online work and a lot of private or company-owned businesses are looking forward to get higher PR than others and appear on the Google search results every time someone types in the relevant keywords.
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