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Blog An Internship @ IOmundo
I am Lena and I have the amazing opportunity to work for YachtBooker for the next half a year. YachtBooker is an online platform where you can find yachts from charter companys around the world. In short, my job is to write and show you what I am going to experience during this unique internship. You may ask yourself what makes this intership so unique?! Well, I can tell you: For my work I am going to travel through different countries in Europe while I am supposed to write articles and make videos about yachts, sailing and other toppics related to yachting - and by the way I have the chance to live on yachts myself. So far, so good.
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Blog How to Create/Read EXCEL files in PHP
In the next few lines I’ll try to explain you how to read and how create excel files using PHP and PHPExcel library.
PHP is the most popular server side scripting language designed for web development. PHP stands for Power Hypertext Processor, PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, Pre Hypertext Processor, but it originally stood for Personal Home Page. At this moment it used by more than 250 million websites and more than 3 million webservers. From 1995, when it was created by Rasmus Lerford, until now PHP language has known an ascending popularity amongst web developers. But if you are curious to see how popular PHP is in fact you can see the Netcraft Survey and you can find more details about PHP on their official website...
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Blog Facebook Business Page - How to manage your posts
We all know that when one becomes really popular on the social media channels it means that they’ve made it. When you see a Facebook page with more than 100.000 likes, you know that company is on its way up!
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Blog Useful tips when programming in Objective-C
 Useful tips when programming in Objective-C

In order to have a very unique and well designed UI in your app, you need to have something different than any other app. 
This may be in terms of images, colors, contents, fonts, text styles, way of presentation. 
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Blog C# Parallel Programming .NET 4.0 - learn by examples
Did you observe that the hardware world is booming and its processing power increases? Multi-core (and multi-processer) machines are dominant these days. Indeed, the responsibility lies with developers to utilize such power. Running a program on a multi-core machine automatically would improve performance? The answer is NO! Running a serial program on a multi-core machine has nearly zero performance enhancements. What is Parallelism? Parallelism is taking a certain task and dividing it into a set of related tasks to be executed concurrently.
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