Date December 07 2017 | comments 0 comments
Blog IOmundo Certifies as Silver Partner with Kentico
IOmundo - moving the world forward, today announced it has entered a Silver partnership with Kentico Software, the Web content management system vendor, to provide customers with reliable IT services at affordable prices.
Date August 05 2016 | comments 9 comments
Blog Easy image carousel with lightbox using Flexslider2 and Lightbox.js
There aren't many open source plugins available on the market that allow you to build a image carousel with thumbs that open a lightbox on click.

Fortunately, you can combine two of the most widely used plugins in order to achieve this functionality: flexslider2 and lightbox.js 
Date October 21 2013 | comments 0 comments
Blog The new YachtMap - Part 1
 In order to help the customers find the best Yacht Charter they desire, in the location they wish to sail, we created a new Yacht Map. It is much faster and it has many more options and customizations that we thought users might enjoy. This map has the main role of zooming from the world view, step by step, to regions, sub-regions, locations, marinas and, in some cases (on the provider page), also operators. Every time you click on a link from the map it works as a gateway to the highlighted name, loading also information and offers on the page in the same time.
Date September 10 2013 | comments 0 comments
Blog Five useless link building techniques in 2013
Link building is just as important as building connections in our business lives as well is in our private lives. The more people get to be familiar with your website or blog, the higher the chances are for you to be successful with your online presence. And – as we all know – the online presence is nowadays the essence. People still ask your phone number if you have a business, but they are also interested of the web presence, they will be like “is there a website where I can read about these things?” Essentially, this is a simple (but not the only) proof of how important link building is.
Date September 06 2013 | comments 42 comments
Blog IOmundo - A new beginning
My first day at Iomundo. I head with uncertain steps to Albinet Street thinking that it is time to be the new guy... to add value to a new organization, working in a new project.
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