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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

IOmundo offers professional SEO services to rank your site on the first page on Google. Our team of experienced SEO specialists and web developers will conduct an initial SEO audit of your site, analyzing your competitors and identifying the steps needed to be followed in order to optimize your website. Then we organize all the tasks into an actionable plan which will consist of both On-Site and Off-Site optimization to ensure maximum results. Optionally, we can offer you custom SEO services, according to your website’s needs.


Whether you have a newly created website in a niche with low competition or you’re a big brand looking to increase your ranking in a more competitive market, you will need high quality links to get to the top of the search engine result pages in order to get targeted traffic from visitors looking for products or services that your company offers.

Because each website is unique in its own competitive market, it needs a different link building strategy, so for every client we create a custom Search Engine Optimization plan.

SEO Targeting

Step 1

First, we analyze the current setup and the results that the site got in the past period, focusing more on traffic statistics and SEO metrics. In order to track the results of a successful SEO campaign, you need to know where you started from in the first place. We will create a complete report with traffic stats, the optimization level of the website and all the off-site metrics, like number of links, number of unique domains linking to your site, PageAuthority, PageRank and other important SEO metrics. This will help us see the starting point in the optimization process.

Step 2

Next, we begin a detailed keyword research process where we start from your main keywords (that represent the services or products that your company offers), then we make use of the statistics offered by Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools or other traffic analysis tool you installed on your website and create a comprehensive report which contains all the keywords related to your business, which we will use later in the On-Page Optimization process.

On-Page Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Step 3

After we've decided together the keywords for which we will optimize your site, we will create a complete SEO Audit which consists of a standard analysis on your competition, the backlink profile of your website, the level of optimization and the different types of problems that could restrict the search engines' access to your website.

Step 4

The next step represents the On-Site optimization process, where we fix and improve all the issues we found on your website in the previous steps. For a detailed description about what and how we do it, check our page dedicated to the On-Site Optimization Service.

Link Building

Step 5

Then we start the link building campaign. This is the most time consuming part of the entire optimization plan, because we need to find quality backlinks related to your site and we need to create them slowly, so it won’t raise any flag in Google’s “eyes”. This is an ongoing process that lasts until your website reaches the top positions on Google.

Final Step

After the initially agreed top rankings are achieved, we begin the maintenance process, which consists of: continuing the link building process in order to maintain the top rankings, analyzing the results and tweak where necessary and sending you monthly reports regarding the status of the SEO campaign, the rankings of your website and traffic statistics.

SEO Maintenance

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After the latest algorithm updates, Google puts more emphasis on high quality content and clean, easy-to-navigate websites with good On-Site optimization, that make it easier for the visitor to find the information that they’re looking for.

After you contact us requesting our Search Engine Optimization services, the first thing we do is manually check your general site structure and design, to ensure that it meets the Google Webmaster Design and Content Guidelines.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO in 8 steps


We optimize the link structure so all the important pages are reached easily by both users and search engines.


We search and fix the HTML code errors and make sure the generated code is clean and easy to understand by search engines.


We continue our on-site optimization process by making the URLs of the pages search engine friendly, short, but also optimized and relevant for the content of the page.


Then we optimize the meta properties of the pages, like the titles and the descriptions, which are very important for rankings and also for the site visitors.


Another important factor, for both visitors and search engines, is the page loading speed, so we will help you by optimizing the images, by leveraging the browser cache and file compression.


For the most important pages on your site, we create a complete on-page optimization report for the targeted keyword(s) and offer you suggestions about the modifications needed.


The next step is optimizing the internal linking structure, making sure all your important pages are linked together in the relevant context.


In the end, we run another manual audit regarding the On-Site Optimization for the pages we optimized and then check the whole site optimization with a tool to see if it gets an On-Page optimization score of at least 80 out of 100.

Contact us right now to get your SEO project started immediately!

Contact us right now to get your SEO project started immediately!