Blog commenting - linkbuilding strategy after latest Google updates
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Why to do SEO?

A lot of people noticed and sensed the power of the online work and a lot of private or company-owned businesses are looking forward to get higher PR than others and appear on the Google search results every time someone types in the relevant keywords.

Google does not easily allow any page to make it to the first 10 or 20 results on different keywords, a fact which is normal, as Google must provide high quality in order to provide and market success online. SEO strategies are constantly used by website owners and blog owners, racing each other to make it to the top.

Our tested strategy

Since the Google algorithms (Panda, Penguin and few others) are under changes all the time, it’s nearly impossible to find “the algorithm” and be able to get an outcome based on your own desires. However, from our internal SEO projects or external projects it seems like there is an almost guaranteed strategy to get a higher position on Google or a higher Page Rank (PR), and that is getting backlinks through comments from webpages which are already prestigious webpages, with high PR and which are of course visited by lots of unique visitors daily. This technique is called “blog commenting”.

Just like building a good PR in the months or years before 2013, the same things matter now as they did before: your website must be something good, a great attempt of bringing something new or something wanted to the online community. Then, making it popular to some people is all you need – quality websites with a strong SEO profile will be known quickly to everyone because these websites will rank higher.

Getting more websites – which are considered quality ones – to link to your website or pages of your website is what is needed. Subdomains or pages within your website can all have their PRs separately, not being influenced by the PR of your index page or home page.

Google PageRank is also linked to other things, such as the reputation of your website. It’s far from enough to have a website filled with high quality articles and interesting content. If you don’t have a good PageRank than some people might simply ignore your website, thinking that it’s either copied or some sort of new, tricky attempt of spam.

All in all, Google now seems to guarantee that whoever tries to manipulate their PageRank algorithm will fail and will not get a ranking as high as desired. The PageRank algorithm does take the following aspects into great consideration:
  • The actual Search Engine Optimization on the website
  • Directory submissions
  • Forum postings
  • Quality backlinks (spam-backlinks will probably become even more filtered than ever before)
Good luck!

Keep your eyes on the official Google announcements and make sure that you will follow the guidelines and make it to the top on Google search results!

dateJune 26 2013 | comments 0 comments

Blog commenting - linkbuilding strategy after latest Google updates
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