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Why do we need team buildings?

Some people see the team building as mandatory, some consider it to be rather useless and others enjoy it for real. It all depends on how the company’s culture inspires this concept to its own employees. Some big companies use to do team buildings because they have to, some small companies don’t find them necessary. IOmundo believes that team buildings are really important for the employees. This way they get to know each other better, to solve any differences that may occur and learn their colleagues’ habits, abilities and work style in order to improve team performance.

Here, at IOmundo, we usually combine team building with team recreation because we consider it’s very important to keep a casual environment. This way, people are more relaxed, relationships become stronger in the team and that leads to higher productivity. So the places and the activities we choose are rather entertaining, but also constructive and challenging.

When and where?

We organize team buildings every month and once a year we go on a more exotic destination where we can also sail. This last idea of a team building is a bit client related too because this way we get to understand our customer’s experience better. Having the live experience of sailing on a yacht stimulates our empathy which helps us optimize our work and improve the quality of our services.

The montly team buildings often take place in or near our city and from time to time we go a little bit more far away, especially in the summer. We go to the mountainside for two or three days.
Before every team building, I ask my collegues what they preffer to do and where they would like to go because we think it’s very important for them to get to choose how they spend their time with their coworkers. We want to build interesting, constructive and fun experiences.

What do we do?

1. Monthly team buildings
Each month we pick a location and a series of activities for a whole day. We either play board games and darts at IOmundo in a weekend or go somewhere else to do wall climbing, archery and relax together with a drink or have a meal together. We always make teams and compete in these games. We usually keep the members of the different departments in the same teams. This month we will go bowling in a club in Iași. And for the future, IOmundo is planning a paintball match!

2. Summer team buildings
In the summer, we use to go in self-guided hiking trips in the Carpathian Mountains. These trips last two or three days. We spend quality time in a natural environment and do all kinds of activities that stimulate the relationships inside the team.

3. Sailing team buildings
These team buildings last for a week and they take place in other countries from Europe at the end of the summer. Last year and two years ago we went to Palma de Mallorca, in Spain. We had the opportunity to see one of the greatest sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. We couldn’t miss the chance to sail on a yacht since some of us hadn’t done this before. IOmundo also has a tradition, we split into couples and cook for the entire team for a whole day. Every couple receives a score and those with the highest score get a prize.

This year we will go to Italy to visit Rome and its surroundings and I hope that it is going to be as fun, relaxing and constructive as it was before.

dateJuly 02 2013 | comments 1 comments

Team buildings @ IOmundo
Team leader
It is their opinion and the good thing about the opinion is that everyone can have it. There are so many people who have been helped by these team-building events that I can vouch for them.
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