An Internship @ IOmundo
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My journey started in Romania which has been the first country I visited because the company is situated in Iasi, Romania. When I came to Romania my very first impression was: It is so hot here! When you are from Germany like I am you are not used to these high temperatures there. Every German will understand what I mean. But, nevertheless, I had to take the bus from Tirgu Mures where my plane arrived to Iasi. During a six and a half hour trip through Romania (with air condition - hallelujah) I got my first view of the country and the people - and you know what? I loved it!
Just look at this beautiful landscape: 

I realized that Romania is a country with many contrasts. On the one hand there are poor people living in small cabins in little villages and driving coaches on the road but on the other hand there are richer people who have beautiful big villas with a large property and fences with security systems. But I think most of the people live a normal middle-class life and are quite happy about that. From time to time you may see many dogs. They even joined together to dog gangs and range in the blocks. This is a quite normal condition in Romania. Everybody can hold dogs but if they get puppies and the owner does not want them to keep they abandon them. Afterwards these dogs stray around the streets and nobody takes care of them anymore so they can reproduce themselves without any restrictions. This is the reason why there are so many dogs on the streets. 

My working place in Iasi is in a very nice quite street between residental houses. It is an idyllic atmosphere and a whole house as your working place is just incredible. I have never thought that work could be so homelike. I was warmly welcomed from the whole team and boss. Even the neighbour's dog liked me after some days and we became friends. My colleagues and I cooked lunch together every day and they called me for coffee and smoking breaks. After a while I changed the smoking breaks into "sun breaks" because I just enjoyed the sun while the others were smoking. 

My first tasks as an intern were to become familiar with the software and programs and then to start with cutting a clip from already existing material of a launch of a charter boat from Greece. At first, it was hard to become acquainted with sailing and yacht topics. I have never heard of such terms like bimini, genoa or trimming. I needed some time to watch different kinds of sailing videos and to read yacht descriptions until I had a rough feeling about these topics. So my first week in Romania was full of new things to learn. The time just flew away and the final day to leave Romania came closer in order to fly to my first destination: Mallorca, Spain. 

dateAugust 29 2013 | comments 0 comments

An Internship @ IOmundo
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