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IOmundo - Romanian Outsourcing Company

Romania is a highly attractive destination for outsourcing in IT. Our country is a member of the European Union since 2007 which makes it easier to collaborate with partners from EU countries regarding legal aspects.

There are very good IT specialists in Iasi that have years of experience with prestigious international companies. Also English is the second language for all Romanian IT professionals which makes the communication with the clients much easier and productive.

Good reasons to outsource

  • Cost reduction

    It might be cheaper to contract an outsourcing company that hire a developer in your country. You pay only the work and don’t need to pay taxes, office expenses, desk, computer, servers, licenses.
  • Better time management

    The company needs to deliver their product to market in the shortest possible time. Outsourcing could be a solution when you don’t have time to look for new employees to extend your current team.
  • Skills in particular tehnology

    You want to modify a software that was coded in a particular technology but you don’t have the right specialists for the job.

Good reasons to choose IOmundo

  • Outsourcing needs constant management. We have good team leaders that will make sure your requirements are understood well and the quality standards are met. We use professional solutions for projects, tasks, time management and bug tracking.
  • We are in the European Union so there are no time differences for all European clients and the products and services we offer line up with the EU standards.
  • We have a portfolio of happy customers to whom we have delivered complete IT solutions and web projects. This stands as a proof of the high quality services that we can provide.

We have specialists in the following technologies: .NET, C#, PHP, MS SQL server, Web services, XML/XSL, CSS, Javascript, .JSON, jquery, Kentico CMS, SEO, UI design, performance optimization, web site development, etc.

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