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Mobile App Development

IOmundo assists business owners with the design, implementation and maintenance of iOS application by offering an array of services meant to improve business efficiency and reduce costs. Our information architect together with our team of designers, developers, copywriters and SEO specialists are dedicated to deliver the desired iOS application according to the customer's specifications, whether it is an improvement project or a completely new one.
When we start a new mobile app development project, we plan each step carefully. Here are the 5 major steps we make together in order to obtain the optimum result for your business:
  • Developing native applications for iPhone and iPad using Objective C programming language in Xcode.
  • Researching the application's purpose, target audience, visitors’ needs and cultural characteristics, specifications, etc.
  • Making your application's design or advising you on ergonomics and the graphic charter, key elements for the success of your unique iOS appearance.
  • Maintenancing and upgrading your application in order to carry out minor upgrades required by users.
  • Suport and creation of native applications for iOS 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0.
Our approach to mobile app development is simple. We choose to build native iOS applications because of the unique experience that it is offered to the users and to the brands.

Native application can suport high volume of information, do not require an Internet connection, are an excellent marketing and advertising tool in 
different domains of activity like: travel, photography, navigation, medical, books sports, lifestyle. 
  • Easily located in the App Store
  • It can be used with or without internet connection
  • Usefull for easy direct interaction with clients through Push Notifications
  • Great social networking integration
  • Excelent for delivering and storage information to your customers
  • Allows you to use the benefits of GPS locators